"If I turn in  MY homework in YOUR handwriting... I'll get kicked out of school!
You wouldn't want that to HAPPEN... Would YOU???"
  -Biff Tannen
      Lion Estates - Hill Valley, Ca.
       Saturday, November 5, 1955
(The model as well as this website)
Brian Thomas
Lancaster, Ohio, USA 43130
Modeling Materials Sources of Supply
The Smoke Stack Hobby Shop (Primary Supply)
368 Lincoln Ave
Lancaster, Ohio 43130
The Train Station
4430 Indianola Ave
Columbus, Ohio 43214
Slater's Hardware
1141 N. Memorial Dr
Lancaster, Ohio 43130
TK Train & Hobby
500 Hall St
Bridgeport, Ohio 43912
Dixie Union Station
110 West main St
Mason, Ohio 45040
Home Page Theme Music
Marcos Kaiser Pirito Instrumental-Solo Acoustic Guitar
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Technical Assistance
Early-Model Computer Imaging (Freeway Signs and Other Early Graphics)
Andy P
Primary Website Photography
Brian B
Photographic Advisory
Shane Z
*Requiring Brian T to Master POWERPOINT at Work
(Which was an essential  skill in the building of this website!)
John J
Cinematic and Studio Historic Reference and Advice
Dennis B PhD
Special Thanks To:
Dale K - Founder/Former Owner; Smoke Stack Hobby Shop
Susie, Erin & Dave, Brian & Maggie and mom - Thanks just for putting up with me and all my "projects"!
Dad (In Memorial) 
Thanks for showing me how to build a sturdy plywood table!
(And also thanks for allowing me to incinerate all those fifteen amp fuses of yours back in the late 60's and early 70's!)